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    18 year old guy dating 15 year old dating scan no baby

    The new shot that prevents cervical cancer would be a good idea too. She's in a kinda bookish group at school, and few of her friends have ''gone out'' with guys yet. Did you or another adult chauffeur, or was it at one of the kids' homes? I give my daughter possible things to say to boys in different situations because sometimes we just can't think of the right words at the right time! anon Group dating seems to be the best idea I heard until ...maybe 18?

    I am a 38 year old female who is dating a 19 year old guy.

    Neither of us are sexually active, or are looking for that kind of relation. Because we lives a 20 minute bus ride away, and we didn't go to the same school and stuff and was thinking about how we would be able to see each other and stuff..

    I don't look or act my age I normally act younger. but before I got an answer people made me feel really bad so I backed off. Is it so wrong for me to like and/or date this guy? u cant act ur whole life that he is older than u and u is younger will realize it soon than what .everybudy will seen u 2 together at that time boy would than keep distance from you.

    I was several years older than 19, but, I don't regret or think I lost anything in the period of our time together. We don't look physically or energetically like there's an age gap. I don't want to be a casuality in his love life since he is so young It was the same for us at the time.

    Everyone thought we were the same age because she looked young.

    I'm wondering if it's okay for an 18 year old girl to date a 15 year old guy? I asked him out a while ago, but I thought he was turning 16. and I was talking to people who made me feel really guilty and preverted....

    I'm wondering if it's okay for an 18 year old girl to date a 15 year old guy? I asked him out a while ago, but I thought he was turning 16. and I was talking to people who made me feel really guilty and preverted.

    We are very happy and natural together when I let it flow. Years back, I dated a woman that was 12 years older than me.

    She had told me about him a month ago, telling me that this really cute guy kept approaching her to talk with her. I tried talking with her about it but she was angry that I was ruining her fantasy and finally said ''Fine! '' which I trust about as much as I trust George W. Any feedback from parents who have been through this? Sign me as: conflicted mother My daughter started seeing a 15 year old boy (on the water polo team)when she was 15 and I had her keep her door open when he came over and requested that his parents do the same. I always ask her to be home by dark, no matter what she's doing, out of not wanting her to walk around alone at night because it's not safe. I offered to give him a ride home but he didn't want one.

    (There's a chance that he's a friend of a friend of a friend!

    ( And yes, we've been addressing the low esteem for years.)She has no experience with dating. I say I could get behind that better if he would stop commenting on her physical beauty and if she would stop gushing. When she saw him I kept my cell phone on and when they were alone for the first time and he was pressuring her for sex, she called me and I picked her up immediately. I think it's a matter of what you are comfortable with and what she wants too.

    I find myself in the unsettling position of wanting to say very conventional things like ''An 18 year old boy only has one thing in mind.'' And then I feel bad. Older guys pick on younger, more vulnerable girls because it's harder for them to say no. They mostly spent time together at school, at lunch, or met before school for coffee. I told her that I wanted to meet him before they went ''out'' anywhere. Just make sure she knows that she can call you anytime and you will pick her up. That way she might talk to you about any things she doesn't know how to handle.

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