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    Dating naoto

    Helpful comment re: caffeine-induced stress was ill-received.--Case records are a mess. Dried noodles and cigarette butts DO NOT belong with lab samples. Dojima-san loudly suggested I continue my investigations outside the station.--Spent the morning investigating inexplicable disappearance of my desk. Investigated tofu shop, book shop, shop with grizzled man selling weapons to minors, textiles shop. Took a week to shred the pile that accumulated during my absence. Yasogami High clearly full of confused individuals.--How exactly am I supposed to make Tatsumi a man? UNLIKELY THEORY: Tatsumi is world's most successful cross-dresser Not much chance of being true. A blue, hovering midget with magic success rate of 0.000001% (approx.)Also not a robot. Lengthy and intelligent discussion was terminated when he mumbled something about needing to make envelopes then ran away.

    Met with:* Dojima-san, regarding correct evidence management. Lattermost contained exceptionally large teenage male (~16 yrs), wearing skull shirt and lining up spools of thread by color. Met with:* Tatsumi-san (did not know location of son, kept offering me tea)* Souji Seta (accidentally)Unsure how diminutive individual like Tatsumi-san could sire such a son. Saw them together at food court; Green, Red and Headphones also present. TO DO:- Insinuate to Seta that I know exactly what he is up to.- Review novels for information on diabolical arch-villains. Was super-cool and unflappable.- Also hinted knowledge of television connection. Certain he is quaking inside.--Suspect for Morooka case has been apprehended. So are police, evidently, because they are pressing charges against him for all three murders. Not much I can do to help, either.--Reminder: Never cross Chie Satonaka. Burning hatred now focused on the following:- Taking part in beauty contests- Winning beauty contests- Beauty contests in general- Yosuke Hanamura Initial intention to shoot everyone who saw the contest is unfortunately impractical. Have settled for hiding rosette, destroying photos, instructing Tatsumi to shove following individuals down the stairs:* Hanamura (re: idiocy)* Teddie (re: perversion)* Myself (re: assisting the above in winning)* Female population of Yasogami High (re: apparent mass psychosis)Am certain he will acquiesce. Also clearly not a cross-dresser.--First excursion inside television tomorrow! Possible forms for my Persona:* Giant mechanical three-headed fire-breathing Cerberus (23%)* Giant Gundam with shoulder-mounted laser cannons (36%)* Robot Vishnu, destroyer of worlds (20%)* Something else really really big and fierce and possibly robotic (21%)TO DO:- Research mythological robots. Will email him later re: this very important matter.--Am now enumerating love letters on a weekly basis. Shredding birds seems cruel; will discard at a later date. Couldn't find him at lunch to continue our crucial discussion re: trading in the blue midget. Aside from near-lethal battle with glowing, pulsating eyeball, but we're all trying to forget that happened.

    As part of the special on relationships for 2014, we’re going to feature who is dating who so far for the year.

    In our last article, we focused on marriage, this time we’re going to look at dating.

    The pairings are divided into groups of four and the first two questions determine which group you're placed into.

    Naoto hasn't been in Inaba long, but she already has a theory. He was built to be an arrogant, gross, pervert, and designed to bother her with his constant flirting and smugness. A long, epic, romance about Delinquent Yu's growth, Naoto's acceptance of herself, and their journey to solve the Inaba murder mysteries. And all he really wants is to see his friends..best friend.

    This section will contain all of the outcomes for the Destined Partner questions you will encounter throughout the Group Date Cafe.

    There's a total of 23 possible outcomes and it's possible to choose who you exactly want to be paired up with in the end.

    Had something to do with biker gangs and beating people up. Some sort of complex concerning detectives, perhaps? Inexplicable urge to tell Seta everything twenty seconds after he started speaking. Re: Tatsumi - mentioned complex, also odd behavior. Probability Seta = Yakuza: 87.4%--No progress on case. Spent afternoon observing Seta's group at food court. why Followed Seta and henchmen inside Junes post-meeting. Somehow, they vanished in the middle of the television section. I was following them at a reasonable distance and would have noticed them doubling back. Seta is a big jerk.--naoto-kun why don't you just write the date?? havent found anything really juicy yet but im gonna keep looking ok? Seta frequently consults it and 'saintly understanding' only stretches so far.)--Adachi captured. Josei Seven discovered their relationship in January.The two were reported to be dating many times in the same magazine.I only finish P4, and I'm working on finishing Golden! I can't wait, because Naoto is my favourite and I'm being loyal by only dating her.

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