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Rock avalanches are readily dated by cosmogenic nuclide methods due to their instantaneous deposition, and results can be tied to potential triggering events such as seismic activity (e.g. Here, we apply cosmogenic beryllium-10 exposure dating to the 2.10 x 10Be data yield a mean exposure age of 11,100 /- 400 year B. The age of the Tiltill rock avalanche is similar to earthquakes on the Owens Valley Fault between 10,800 /- 600 and 10,200 /- 200 year B. (Bacon, 2007) and the Deep Springs Fault, between 10,200 /- 100 and 11,200 /- 100 year B. If seismicity is a dominant process contributing to large rock slope failures in Yosemite, the hazard posed by these events exists and depends on local earthquake recurrence intervals.