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Stats: 5'6, 146 lbs, not a Barbie, just built in the right places. Italian/american,and enjoy every bit of the woman that I am. IF you can capture me, you'll never want to let me go! I have been married all my life and this is new to me. Hi, I'm a 49 years old, mother of two daughters, over 21, and two grandkids. Would like to chat for awhile, then we'll see what happens from there. I love to swim, ride my bike, take water aerobics, dance. Bicycling, running, swimming and physical labor are very much a full part of my life. I am NOT materialistic or high maintenance, just interested in meeting folks with similar interests. I enjoy dancing, playing pool, racetrack, luv NYC, especially the little cafe's just sitting outside on a nice night enjoying the moment, or just walking around there.