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Wow, Good, and Asses: moo i'm glad todoroki and deku got the Dramatic Gay Wind TM while talking about kicking each other's asses in the next round wow hey what's up what's good new admin here and the name is Han please don't choke me like asuka thanks - Han (@yurioniced) - myheroacademia bnha todeku tododeku Memes, Run, and 🤖: NO you DON' T GET IT, HE HAD THE HIGH GROUND! JUST HOP TO THE SHORE, AND RUN up PARALLEL TO HIM BUT HEAR ME OUT. Girl: what @jones the savage That's how these hoes be nowadays then wanna sue you once you get famous😖 btw I love these type of memes so if you got some send me them👍🏾 Bad, Cats, and Crazy: when she been saying choke me daddy" and now you into it too Lmao😂follow @codmemenation (me) for more!