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How Combat Works The Combat Round Initiative Surprise Combat Statistics Attack Roll Attack Bonus Armor Class Touch Attacks Damage Hit Points Attacks of Opportunity Speed Saving Throws Fortitude Reflex Will Injury and Death Loss of Hit Points Disabled (0 Hit Points) Dying (Negative Hit Points) Dead Stable Characters and Recovery Healing Temporary Hit Points Nonlethal Damage Special Combat Situations Underwater Combat Ship to Ship (Naval) Combat Siege Engine Combat Space, Reach, & Threatened Area Templates Movement, Position, And Distance Tactical Movement Measuring Distance Moving Through a Square Terrain and Obstacles Special Movement Rules Big And Little Creatures In Combat Actions In Combat Action Types Standard Actions Attack Activate Magic Item Cast a Spell Start/Complete Full-Round Action Total Defense Use Special Ability Move Actions Move Direct or Redirect a Spell Draw or Sheathe a Weapon Manipulate an Item Mount/Dismount a Steed Ready or Drop a Shield Stand Up Full-Round Actions Coup de Grace Full Attack Cast a Spell Move 5 Feet through Difficult Terrain Run Use Special Ability Withdraw Free Actions Cease Concentration on Spell Drop an Item Drop Prone Speak Swift Actions Cast a Quickened Spell Immediate Actions Miscellaneous Actions Take 5-Foot Step Use Feat Use Skill Combat Modifiers Cover Concealment Flanking Helpless Defenders Special Attacks Aid Another Charge Feint Mounted Combat Throw Splash Weapon Two-Weapon Fighting Combat Maneuvers Combat Maneuver Bonus (CMB) Combat Maneuver Defense (CMD)Bull Rush Dirty Trick Disarm Drag Grapple Overrun Reposition Steal Sunder Trip Special Initiative Actions Delay Ready Tables on this Page Table: Size Modifiers Table: Actions in Combat Table: Tactical Speed Table: Creature Size and Scale Table: Attack Roll Modifiers Table: Armor Class Modifiers Table: Two Weapon Fighting-Penalties Combat is cyclical; everybody acts in turn in a regular cycle of rounds.