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Pop Crush chatted with the Cobra Starship singer about his new single, ‘Never Been in Love,’ and we had no idea that we would eventually end up chatting about everything from an iconic scene in ‘Step Brothers’ to the Dougie. After all, Gabe’s enthusiasm, his willingness to discuss pretty much everything and his natural charm are evident in Cobra Starship’s music. In ‘Never Been in Love,’ there’s a line “You’d never think a random night could change your life.” Was that inspired by a night in real life? The first night that I met my wife was so, so random. We left the dinner, that night we ended up at the same club. It’s called ‘A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall.’ It’s a thousand-page book and I feel so bad, I still haven’t read it. [] Another one of your collaborators, Leighton Meester, is releasing her first album soon.