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With me you get an attitude, you get all stuck up Start calling me a fuck up till I tell you shut the fuck up Yeah, but the part I don’t respect is You so cool with every other one of your exes It's history between us, all ain't right either Back and forth domestic, all ain't flights either Be wanting you close to me, supposedly You say you over me, that just comes across as a joke to me Because you ain't got the kind of love that expires Worst case, you’ll get tired, tell your friends I'm a liar Tried therapy when we felt it going sour That’s four-hundred dollars every hour For him to come and mediate, referee, be our interpreter Tell me I need to lower my voice, don’t curse at her Says she’s only frustrated 'cause I keep hurtin' her Tell me despite all that, he can tell that I worship her Soon as you let your guard down, I get it up again Fixing it is too much work, so I give up again But I wan' spend the rest of my life with you Make a wife with you, make it alright with you But how are you ever suppose to think that I’m right for you When all I ever do is treat you like a recyclable Disgraceful and you want me to chase you But it's easier for me to replace you, 'cause I see it like If you can't deal with what we go through I got bitches lined up, I got a ego too And to them I’m everything, funny, I'm great and I’m charming But to you I’m alarming, all I do is bring harm in To you, I’m the cause of all your misery Of course I disagree, you going off our history All that arguing just ain't my style 'Cause that anger now got us like strangers now You tell me I should get help and I’m sick in the head You found makeup on the sheets, I had a bitch in our bed But wait, I ain't love her though, I ain't fuck her though I could dead that bitch right now man, fuck that hoe You just think I'll get another and another hoe Way you talk to me it's like I got a whole club of hoes But I could switch gears, make 'em all disappear You going through my phone like I got a bitch in there We discussing chicks after they through They don’t matter to me, but for some reason they matter to you We keep having the same threesome But not the kind that come as a blessing, nah You keep bringing up my last girl like she ain't my past girl Like you ain't the reason she present, check it You ain't gotta worry about me and her If I wanted to be with her I would be with her Yeah, we hung together, strip clubs, had fun together But that’s done, don't sweat her, uh You the only one I wanna do a bid with Live with, share my last name, have kids with Can't be understated anytime we ever dated You compare me in your head to some nigga you created I’m a long way from perfect, I got shit with me Still I want you to love me unconditionally Nine-years in, I don’t deserve what you giving me Like you get a victory by acting like a dick to me Want me to see how it feels, I get the trickery Lesson learned though, you my missing piece Give another chance to your ex You don’t pick up the phone, you don’t answer my texts Bitch, we ain't give it all that we got Still ain't empty the clip, let's give it one more shot Or we can go ahead on our own I need you I can’t do this alone [Outro: Brandon Hall & Emanny] But you keep running away But you keep running away But you keep running away But you keep running away But you keep running away But you keep running away But you keep running away Fourth installment in Joe Budden’s OLS (Ordinary Love Shit) series.