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It is a Farm MYKO STYLE SERVER with Old maps (Breth, Piana,old cz,old moradon), Starter Gear, All Events are working,(Biforst, Forgotten Temple, BDW, Snow war, War), MYKO Upgrade rates, King Sytem, Rebirth system, Max lvl 70,all skills ar Xiona KO Best light farm server out there. v=v--o9w Xhm VM[/video] Xiona Ko Server Informations : *Fast, Secure & Reliable Dedicated Server. Memories Knight Online Hello, Dear Knight Online Players. ] If your looking for a server that you can count on to be up and active come stop Ronark Land Usko Server Perfect Tasty for Knight Online pvp Server.. Facebook: Facebook.com/Knight Tr Pvp İletişim: [email protected] BLood Ko Myko BLood Ko hakkında en gncel ve detaylı bilgileri resmi facebook sayfasından takip edebilirsiniz.