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Organize more than one Meetup group Unable to pay Request a refund on an organizer subscription payment Refund policy for member to organizer payments Request a refund from an organizer Return contributions Refund member dues and event fees through We Pay Request a refund for a member dues payment Try these steps if you receive an error while submitting a payment: - Wait 15 minutes then try again - Refresh the billing page and manually enter your credit card details (do not paste them into the fields or use an auto-fill feature) - Make sure Java Script is enabled on your browser: that doesn't work, submit a payment using the browser on a mobile device: Start a new group: - Go to your mobile device's web browser (such as Safari on an i OS device) and log in to - Tap Groups - Tap Start a Meetup group under Your Meetups - Follow the prompts to start your Meetup group.