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Mitigating Local Causes of Ocean Acidification with Existing Laws. Koehn, JD; Hobday, AJ; Pratchett, MS; Gillanders, BM. Climate change and Australian marine and freshwater environments, fishes and fisheries: synthesis and options for adaptation. Maignien, L; Depreiter, D; Foubert, A; Reveillaud, J; De Mol, L; Boeckx, P; Blamart, D; Henriet, JP; Boon, N. Anaerobic oxidation of methane in a cold-water coral carbonate mound from the Gulf of Cadiz. Mangelsdorf, K; Zink, KG; di Primio, R; Horsfield, B. Microbial lipid markers within and adjacent to Challenger Mound in the Belgica carbonate mound province, Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland (IODP Expedition 307).