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    Tim and Dan - fellow losers from a provincial town.

    Rodion is used to work alone in order to keep the secrecy of ...

    However, we find that many village lists have been made up over the last two hundred years, none of which completely do what we would like them to be able to do for us. Beresan e Atmagea Bess 118 see Dobruscha data Atonowka Vlh 129 Atschair NSib Om-Jelansk F-1 m Audincourt Volg see Brabander Augustdorf Gln A Sniatyn Czernowitz 1836 r After 1871 parish in Kolomea Baginsberg --- aka Augustowo Augusthof Gln A see Demnia Wyzna Augustowka Vlh U Jarun Nowograd-Wolynsk e Augustowo Gln A see Augustdorf Augutscha Krim Donuslaw 1888 e Augutscha Krim Donuslaw 1888 Augutscha Krim see Agodscha Augutscha Taur Donuzlaw Post Ewpatorija Augutscha Taur Post Werchnerogatschik Augwegen Volg Mariental Augwegen Volg Mariental Aulie Alta Taur Molotschna 102 Aulie Ata Taur Molotschna 102 Ausschwitz Gln A Biala Biala e aka Oswiecim Avell Krim German Colonies of Neusatz Avilovo Volg Kamenka 1846 e Bastrigin Awel Krim Eupatoria Byten 1897 C-4 e Awel Taur Kambar Neusatz 33/45 Rayon Simferopol/Post Spat and Saki Awell Krim Kambar 1897 Awgustkowka Volg / Awilowo Volg Kamenka 1846 e 86 aka Rastrigin-Chutor Awwakumowka NSib Se-Nowo-Iwanowsk E-4 e Settled by Volga Germans Axt Volg Federowka e Balakowo/Chutor Axt Volg Fedorowka e Az Dsharaktschi Taur Dshankoi Hochheim Azaw Taur Simpferopol 34/45 Post Karasan Baardorf Gln A see Padew Babailowka NSib Om-Ljubinsk D-1 e Babei Bess Akkerman Andrejewka E-7 e aka Podgornoe Babilon Nowy Gln A see Neu Babylon Babuchka Jkat see Burwalde 35/47 Baburka Jkat see Burwalde 35/47 Babytschewka Vlh U Pulin e Bachmetjewka Don A-3 e Bachmut Kher Hoffnungstal 125 Bachmut see Memrik 102 Badan Kher Kutschugan Engels 1808 k Baden Kher Baden 1808 k 29/46 112 Rayon Fr.

    We go to such work as "The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the years 1763 to 1862" by Karl Stumpp, to "from Catherine to Khrushchev, The Story of Russia's Germans" by Adam Giesinger, to the Sallet book that has similar village lists that were included in the translated version by Armand Bauer and La Vern Rippley, in the various books done by Height and Rath - and sometimes we find our answers and often we don't. well a very long project has been launched to put all pieces of data we can locate into one very long "village" list. This project needs volunteers to prepare already known village lists we have in hand into digital form in the same format as we have already defined. Engles / Post Selz Badenchutor Kher Werba Badury Don 1888 F-2 e 133 aka Kamtschatka Baehr Volg see Kamenka 83 Baehr Volg 1765 k Kamenka Baerwalde Jkat Chorititza Bagajewka Volg Bagaltschak Krim see Ablesch Bagaltschak Taur see Ablesch 34/45 Baginsberg Gln A Kolomea Czernowirz 1818 e After 1871 parish Kolomea-Baginsberg (Ref) --- aka Mieczykowka Bahndorf Don 1888 B-5 m aka Orlow Bahndorf Jkat see Orlow 37/48 Bai Kogenly Krim Simpferopol Byten 1884 D-2 e Baideck Volg see Beideck Bailar Krim see Kir-Bailar Baimaklia Bess Kahul Albota 1912 A 8 e aka Baimaclia Bairamtscha Bess Akkerman Sarata D-8 e aka Bairamcea and Nikolajewka Noworossijskaja Bairowenki Don see Reinsfeld Baj Kyjat Taur Ewpatorija 33/45 Post Kodshanbak Bajusch Bess Kahul Neu-Sarata 1910 A-7 e aka Baius Bakschai Krim Simpferopol Rosental D-3 k Balaban Bess Kahul Albota 1920 B 9 e aka Balabanu Balabanka Bess see Fuchs-Gut aka Balabanca and Nikolajewka Balabanowka Don see Balabanowsfeld Balabanowsfeld Don Maltschewski Rynowka 1888 G-1 e 133 aka Balabanowka, Eigental Balaitschuck Kher Ch.

    Some of the possible information found on the village pages below is the name and contact information of the Village Coordinator, map location of the village, date founded, LDS films where church records for this village are found, references to this village in various reference books and alternate names. 6 Alexandrowsk NSib Andrejewka J-3 e Alexandrowsk NSib see Tonkonogowo Alexandrowsk NSib Se-Golbinskaja Alexandrowskoje NCau see Alexanderdorf Alexandrowskoje SPet see Alexanderkolonie Alexeifeld NSib Sl-Snamenka 1909 L-3 m aka Djagelewka Alexej Newskij NSib Sl-Andrejewsk J-2 Alexejewka Don Jefrem Stepan.

    Please contact [email protected] any corrections or additional information you may know about these villages. Chortitza 1890 C-4 m Alexejewka Jkat Santurinowka 1890 m Alexejewka Kher see Alexanderhilf Alexejewka NSib Om-Krestinsk G-2 m Alexejewka NSib Om-Ljubinsk D-1 m Alexejewka SCau Alexejewka 1904 e 123 aka Kirowka Alexejewka Ufa see Waldheim Alexejewka Nr.

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