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    Single life vs dating invalidating space hibernate

    Immediately after getting out of a relationship, you may feel like you’re destined for loneliness.

    Even worse is the sickening thought of being the only single person out there surrounded by happy couples.

    No need to feel guilt over what you post on social media.

    Unfortunately, the wrong post, photo or comment can be taken out of context and easily misconstrued when you're in a relationship.

    Relationships have their downfalls, and even though couples are always smiling, blissful, and happy on social media or in public, every relationship has its more complicated dark side.

    If you’re single, be glad you can reap these benefits.

    Divorced people exercise more than married people, too, but not as much as the people who have always been single.

    The worse thing someone who is recently single can do is sit at home, feeling bad for themselves. For some odd reason, most girls/guys feel a pang of jealousy when their significant other has a night out with their girls/guys. Grab your girls/guys for a night out on the town, minus the guilt.4. There's always that one thing we've put off for the mere reason that we don't have time to cram it into our busy schedules.

    Get out of the house and start building a better you.2. Just think — no need to “check in” with someone to let them know who you're with, where you're at and what time you're expected to be home. With extra time, learn that second language, take that cooking class or even Pilates like you've always wanted to.5.

    It’s pretty nice to be able to go out, and stay out as long as you want, without having to worry about whether your significant other is tired, or their feet hurt, or you said you’d call, or they have an early start in the morning, or you’re “so old!

    And if, at two am, you meet someone you like, you can just kiss them, or go home with them, or just get their number. Maintain eye contact just a beat longer than normal, engage in a little repartee, touch someone’s arm, send a few playful texts that may or may not lead anywhere. Your dating and hook-up stories may not end in “happily ever after,” but they’re always entertaining. Big Decisions Are Yours And Yours Alone To Make If something happens in your life — a job opportunity, a lifestyle change, a sudden trip, a need for something new — you don’t have to consult anyone else. Your decisions affect you and you alone — so you never have to compromise or turn down an opportunity for someone else. The Remote Control Is Yours And Yours Alone And you’re going to watch that “Toddlers And Tiaras” marathon in its entirety. Eat Whatever, Whenever You Want Something about being in a relationship seems to put a lot of pressure on meals: whereas a single person can just pour themselves a bowl of cereal for dinner, a couple will more often than not feel the need to “go get food” or put together an entire meal.

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