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This will improve your house Feng Shui tremendously. All the above can happen in your entire life, within a Ta Yun the 10 years period, in a few years or in one particular year. 甲禄 at 寅,乙禄 at 卯, 丙禄 at 巳,丁禄 at 午, 庚禄 at 申,辛禄 at 西, 壬禄 at 亥,癸禄 at 子. 戊禄 is not at 辰 or 戌 and 己禄 “Lu” title and wealth is not at 丑 or 未. Fire and earth are of the same nature therefore 戊 goes back to 丙 and 己 goes back to 丁. This is to make sure you sweep away all your bad luck. Today I will show you a lady with 6 spouse stars (官杀) excluding those formed after assembling. Once she was having like 3 boyfriends and she said "keeps things from getting serious to fast". There was once one of his boyfriend asked her to marry him.