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    Meadowcroft dating

    [pullquote] On that question, Adovasio's theory of multiple visits has mostly won out since other pre-Clovis sites have been discovered in North and South America.

    The picture of early humans in the Americas "is so much more complicated than we ever thought it was 40 years ago," said Adovasio, a Mercyhurst University professor who returned to Meadowcroft after a decayed tree root let heavy rain flow into a part of the enclosed dig area in late July.

    Even more remarkable is that the rock shelter showed signs of continuous human habitation up until the 18th century, making it not only the earliest known place of human habitation in North America, but also the longest continually used site.

    However, it’s worth noting that while a plurality of scientists agree with Adovasio’s age for the Meadowcroft Rockshelter, according to a recent study roughly one in five think that the results are inaccurate and the site is much more recent.

    It wasn’t until 1973 that the first archeologist, James M.

    Adovasio, finally came to the property to properly dig the site.

    The overhanging sandstone ledges provided a perfect place for roving band of early humans to shelter from the elements.

    "It has all the attractions of a prehistoric Holiday Inn, and that's why they used it," Adovasio said, noting that some early groups stayed for only a few days, but the spot was passed down through oral histories and people returned, eventually for longer periods.

    The two women started this blind dating service, which they call “Date Party,” and which others have dubbed Hillsdale’s “Underground Dating Ring” after Hubbard vented to Talkington about her frustration will Hillsdating on campus.But Adovasio, now a professor at Mercyhurst University, in Erie, Pennsylvania, discovered evidence that humans had camped at Meadowcroft, under a protective rock overhang, sixteen thousand years ago—a few thousand years before the Siberian crossing.“Nobody believed it,” said the scientist, who is trim and keeps a gray beard.Torrential rains in mid-July had partially flooded the site, known as the Meadowcroft Rockshelter, and the group was here to assess the damage. A young archaeologist at the University of Pittsburgh, he intended to use Meadowcroft to train students.But what he found here helped demolish his colleagues’ long-held ideas about the timing of humans’ first steps in the New World.

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