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    FMG is committed to its continued support of the LGBT community, as represented by HARDLINE, FMG’s North America wide gay chat line. With all of the dating websites I've built, I started with no members.

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    % ls **/*([email protected]) # list dangling symlinks ('**' recurses down directory trees) % ls foo*~*bar* # match everything that starts with foo but doesn't contain bar % history # last 16 events % history -E 0 # all history events including date/time information % !

    -2$ # The last word of the command before the last command.

    foo # The last command that matches the pattern `foo'. You can combine the directory specific shell configuration with 'fc -p $file'!

    1 # The second word of the last command line that matches `foo'. History expansion is extremely versatile and powerful - but also a bit cryptic for the untrained eye. .o( man zshexpn | less -p '^HISTO.*ANSION$' ) See Hint: do you remember the fc section?

    With Pusbullet, it is very easy to stay connected with people around you, whether you are on your computer or handheld device.

    Not only can you send and receive sms messages from your computer, but you can also send files between devices to your friends.

    I don't think there is a seurity problem in the push line since the server does not get anymore possibilities to exploit the client.2) Create a new “web interface”, add a “report” widget and link it to the “web interface report” you’ve just created.In the properties of the widget, uncheck the option “activate filters” and enter an text in the field “identifier”, for instance “id_report”. The labels of your list must match the different values your measure can take.Q: When you open a manual task, what variables are passed from the process to the web interface?A: Every variable associated to widgets available in the manual task screen NB: Html & static text widgets don't have variables NB2: We recommend that you don't fill a variable name for js widgets.

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